Minutes of the Membership- and Business Meeting

of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL)

in Madrid, Monday, 20. September 1999



The President of the EACSL, Marc Bezem, opens the meeting.

The number of participants is 27. The list of participants is attached.

Iain A. Stewart, Vice President of the EACSL, takes the minutes



  1. Confirmation of agenda
  2. Report on activities, including report from accountants for 1998
  3. Choice of the accountants for 1999
  4. Report from the CSL'99 program committee
  5. Future locations for CSL, in particular possible cooperations
  6. Relationship EACSL with IFCoLog
  7. Proposals by members for further activities
  8. Miscellaneous


1. Confirmation of Agenda

The meeting begins with a confirmation of the agenda.

2. Report on activities, including report from accountants for 1998

At the end of the 1998 financial year, the EACSL account stood at 7,185.64DM plus 50 Fl (compared with 6,938.44 DM at the end of the previous financial year), and there were 99 members of the EACSL (compared with 135members one year before).

The reason for this drop in members was due to lapsed members. The Treasurer had pursued lapsed members and intended to pursue them again in future.

On the basis of the accounts, the Meeting discharged the board for the 1998 financial year.


3. Next years accountants

Klaus Bartelmann and Martin Grohe were approved as next years accountants.

4. Report from CSL'99 Program Committee

Professor Rodriguez-Artalejo reported that 91 submissions had been received from which 34 papers had been accepted (that is, 37%). The total number of authors of accepted papers was 60 from 15 countries.

There were 2 tutorials at CSL'99, 5 invited speakers and 68 participants. The number of participants was lower than average but the number and quality of submissions was satisfactory.

It was noted that CSL'99 clashed this year with a celebration in the UK of Roger Hindley's work. Also, there was some concern that the lateness in the year of CSL'99 meant that some people could not attend due to teaching commitments. The lateness was due to the Universidad Complutense being closed in August, the heat of the Madrid summer and the fact that the proceedings would not have been ready earlier.

There were a number of sponsors including an ERCIM grant.



5. Future CSL conferences, in particular possible cooperations

Munich (Clote and Schwichtenberg) was confirmed as hosting CSL'00 (from 21-26 August). There were offers from Paris (Fribourg) to host CSL'01, from 22-25 July; from Linz (Buchberger) to host CSL at any future date; and from Prague (Hajek) to host CSL but not until after 2001.

After much discussion, the following plan was agreed:

(a) Ask Paris if they will agree to host CSL'01 later in the summer in September or October.

(b) If they are unable to do so then ask Linz to host CSL'01.

(c) If Linz cannot host CSL'00 then the EACSL Board has a mandate to decide upon an alternative option.


6. Relationship EACSL with IFCoLog

The President reported how the EACSL had been approached with an idea to form an umbrella logic organisation IFCoLog. The meeting discussed the general principle of federating with other societies in future (the IFCoLog plans were thought to be not sufficiently well formed to merit particular discussion) and it was agreed that the EACSL should be flexible with regard to concrete future approaches but that it should not rush into hasty affiliations. The President was requested to write to the sponsors of IFCoLog to explain the position of the EACSL.


7. Proposals by members for further activities

The Treasurer reminded the meeting of the amount in the EACSL account. It was agreed that this money should be retained to use as a safety net should future CSL conferences get into financial difficulties.

There was a discussion of the possibility of applying for EU funding for future CSL conferences. It was agreed that it was too late to apply for funding for CSL00 and that the lack of a firm proposal meant that it was not feasible to apply for EU funding for CSL01 either.


8. Miscellaneous

There were no other items.

The President closes the meeting.

(Marc Bezem) (Iain A. Stewart)