Minutes of the Meeting of EACSL, 2016

Marseille, 30 August 2016, 18.00

Present (11 persons)

Patrick Baillot, Emmanuel Beffara, Ulrich Berger, Daniel De Carvalho, Anuj Dawar, Giulio Guerrieri, Lauri Hella, Laurent Regnier, Pierre-Alain Reynier, Luigi Santocanale, Jean-Marc Talbot.

(1) Confirmation of agenda

(2) Choice of secretary (Minutes of the meeting)

(3) Report on General Meeting 2015 and Accounting

(3a) Minutes of 2015

(3b) Financial report 2015; and Audit report

(3c) Election of accountants for 2016

(4) Changes of the Board of EACSL

(5) Report on the Ackermann Award 2016

(6) Report on CSL 2016

(7) Future CSL Conferences

(8) Constitutional Amendment

(9) Any Other Business