Minutes of the Meeting of EACSL, 2012

Fontainebleau, September 5, 2012, 17.40-18.50

Present (25 persons):

Stefano Berardi, Giovanni Birolo, Manuel Bodirsky, Julien Cervelle, Patrick Cegielski, Anuj Dawar (Vice-President of EACSL) Arnaud Durand, Irene Guessarian, Takanori Hida, Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, Emanuel Kieronski, Manfred Kufleitner, Simon Lessenich, Ugo De Liguoro, Markus Lohrey, Florent Madelaine, Johann Makowsky, Dahmoune Med, Damian Niwinski (President of EACSL), Martin Otto, Wied Pakusa, Simona Ronchi Della Rocca, Aleksy Schubert, Pawel Urzyczyn, Pierre Valarcher.

(1) Confirmation of agenda

(2) Choice of secretary (Minutes of the meeting)

(3) Report on General Meeting 2011 and Accounting

(3a) Minutes of 2011

(3b) Financial report 2011

(3c) Election of accountants for 2012

(4) Changes of the Board of EACSL

(5) Report on the Ackermann Award 2012

(6) Report on CSL 2012

(7) CSL2013 : Torino, Italy

(8) CSL2014 : joint conference with LICS at FLOC

(9)The current situation of EACSL

(10) The future of EACSL and Varia

Signed by D. Niwinski