Minutes of the Meeting of EACSL, 2007

Lausanne, September 11, 2007, 20:00-22:00


Present: Luke Ong (Board of EACSL), Philip Weis, Olivier Finkel, Jacques Duparc (Organizing Committee CSL'07), Thomas Schwentick (Board of EACSL, Treasurer), Damian Niwinski (Board of EACSL, vice-president), Klaus Aehlig, Johann Makowsky (Board of EACSL, president), Jean-Pierre Ressayre.
  1. Choice of chairman of meeting.
    Proposal: Jacques Duparc

    Approved by acclamation.

  2. Choice of secretary (Minutes of the meeting)
    Proposal: Klaus Aehlig

    Approved by acclamation.

  3. Confirmation of agenda.

    Approved unanimously.

  4. Report on General Meeting 2006 and Accounting
  5. Change of Bylaws concerning the members of the board ( Constitution of EACSL)

    Old text:
    The Board of the Association consists of the President, the Vice-President and 7 other members.
    New text:
    The Board of the Association consists of the President, the Vice-President and at least 7 but not more than 10 other members.

    Current members and duration of term.

    A. Razborov offered to free his seat.
    The assembly thanks A. Razborov for his services.

    Resolution: Acceptance of the new text.
    Approved unanimously.

    Extension of the members of the board.
    Election of one or two new members: Proposed candidate: Simone Martini to be extended for one year.

    Approved unanimously.

  6. Jury of the Ackermann Award 2007 To balance the expertise of the jury, J. van Benthem was added to the Jury for 2007.
    S. Abramsky has asked to to be replaced. As he is the LiCS representative we asked the LiCS board to find a candidate. G. Plotkin kindly agreed to serve on the jury from 2008 on.

    Proposal: To keep the number odd we have one more place on the jury.
    Discussion of proposals. The jury is appointed by the board.

    Short discussion of the necessity to have an odd number of jury members. No decision was taken.

  7. Sponsorship of the Ackermann Award by LOGITECH.
    Logitech committed itself to sponsor the Ackermann Awards 2007-2009 with annually CHF 2500.-. The pay against receipts. In return their logo appears on all the web pages relating to the Ackermann Award. The president of EACSL expressed his unhappiness with the arrangement. He would prefer that all the money be transferred to EACSL right away.
  8. Report on CSL'07 presented by J. Duparc.

    J. Duparc shows statistics of paper submission. He also reports about an expected deficit of 5000.- EUROS (8'000 CHF). This was due to lower than expected registrations. J. Duparc hopes to find ways for balancing the deficit via various funding sources. The rest will be covered by EACSL. He also reported about possible sponsorship by Philip-Morris (20'000 CHF) which was not used due to anti-smoking policy of the University. There followed a short discussion regarding sponsorship by Tobacco industries. The general trend was against such sponsoring. No formal decision was taken.

  9. CSL'08 and CSL'09:
  10. CSL'10 : Discussion and call for of proposals.

    T. Schwentick expressed interest for 2010 for Dortmund (Germany) provided his university will not host STACS'11. It was accepted that the conference should be in central Europe. Mentioned places to be contacted include Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin. No formal decision was taken.

  11. The current situation of EACSL (J.A. Makowsky)
    1. Proceedings in the future. Shall we stay with Springer? STACS decided that not. Alternatives.
      Discussion: No immediate decision needed, but we need feedback from the basis.
    2. Cooperation with electronic journal LMCS (Logical Methods in Computer Science).

      President of EACSL is on the scientific board
      Publish special issue with selected papers from CSL06
      Guest editors for CSL06: Z. Esik and R. Ramanujam

    3. Cooperation with CiE (Computability in Europe), a series of conferences
      initiated by B. Cooper (Leeds), and B. Loewe (Amsterdam).

      EACSL is an official sponsor of CiE-07.
      EACSL did contribute to cost of and co-selects one invited speaker.

    4. Cooperation with LICS

      Test-of-time Award
      Big Award to be created by some more encompassing body
      Proposal to create SIGLOG within ACM allowing also institutional members.

    5. Cooperation with FOLLI and ESSLI.

      We did approach FOLLI to have a CSL-track at ESSLI and further cooperation.

      The assembly took notice of the report. T. Schwentick reported about the decision of the STACS-conferences to leave Springer. It was widely agreed to look for alternative publication for CSL-proceedings. However, the option with Springer should be kept, till an alternative is found. It was left to the board to act accordingly.

    6. Scientific council of EACSL.

      The council still has to be reorganized.

      It contains a list of people who even are not aware of their membership.
      Former board members are for five more years on the council. Other members should be chosen by the EACSL board. The scientific council should participate in discussions initiated by the board. They can also initiate discussion on topics of their choice.

    7. Fees and membership of EACSL

      We decided last year to add to the 10 EUROS annual membership a 10 EUROS contribution for the Ackermann Award. So in the future 20 EUROS per participant are paid to EACSL. We have to work out a way to distinguish non-members from members at registration.
      Collecting fees from non-attending previous members. We shall try to encourage previous members to renew their membership (10 EUROS per year, 40 EUROS for 5 years) and to allow for electronic payment of membership. The contribution to Ackermann Award for non-attending members is on a voluntary basis.

      Electronic payment of membership for non-attendees.

      The treasurer reported about his inquiries for e-payment of membership fees. He proposed to use PayPal. It was agreed that he should proceed accordingly.

  12. The future of EACSL

    No discussion was held due to low attendance at the meeting.

  13. Varia


Signed: Klaus Aehlig and J.A. Makowsky