Minutes of the Business Meeting of EACSL, 2004

The meeting was held on Tuesday, September 21, 2004, from 21:00-22:15. Present were


The following agenda was approved.


  1. Confirmation of agenda.
  2. Choice of chairman of meeting.
    Proposal: L. Pacholski
  3. Choice of secretary (Minutes of the meeting)
    Proposal: Alex Rabinovich
  4. Accounting
  5. Resignation of the president Iain Stewart.
    Acceptance of resignation as president and member of the board.
    Constitution of EACSL
  6. Election of new president:
    Stewart's proposal: J.A. Makowsky
  7. Election of new vice-president.
    Makowsky's proposal: Damian Niwinski
  8. Report on CSL'04
  9. CSL'05: Oxford
  10. CSL'06: Lisbon together with CONCUR'06
  11. The current situation of EACSL (J.A. Makowsky)
  12. The future of EACSL
  13. Varia

Ad 2 and 3:

Proposed chairman of the meeting and secretary for the agenda were approved unanimously.

Ad 4:

The fiscal report prepared by the accountants and C. Lautemann were read by the vice-president, J. Makowsky. Documents attached. The financial report was approved unanimously. The board was discharched with two abstentions. The proposed new accountants were approved with one abstention for N. Schweikardt and two abstentions for M. Otto.

Ad 5-7:

The resignation letter of the current president, I. Stewart, was read by the vice-president. He wants to resign as president and ipso facto as member of the board. Letter attached. The resignation was accepted with three abstentions. The president in his letter proposed to elect the current vice-president, J. Makowsky, as president. No other candidates were proposed. J. Makowsky was elected with one abstention. He accepts his new position. He proposed D. Niwinski as new vice president and member of the board. D. Niwinski was elected with one abstention. He accepts his new position.

Ad 8-10:

A. Tarlecki, co-chairman of the program committee of CSL'04 reads a report on the current conference. His report coincides with the preface of the proceedings of the conference.
Breakdown of submissions by countries.

J. Makowsky reports about progress in planning CSL'05 in Oxford. Luke Ong proposed dates at the end of August (22-25) and no serious objection were raised. The final decision for the dates is left the board.

For CSL'06 no specific plans were ready. The steering committe of CONCUR investigated about possible cooperation for 2006 or 2007. 2006 would be in Lisbon, Portugal.

Ad 11-13:

The current situation of EACSL was presented and discussion points for the future were proposed by J. Makowsky (attached).

It was agreed to intensify coperations with other conferences and, in general, to increase the visibility of EACSL. The assembly was reminded of the possibility of using EACSL money for guarantees or direct support of Summer Schools and Workshops. It was left to the new president to find other new initiatives.