Minutes of the membership meeting of the European Association

for Computer Science Logic (EACSL) in Paris,

Tuesday, September 11, 2001





The president of the EACSL, Marc Bezem, opens the meeting.

The number of participants is 24, the list of participants is attached.

Anuj Dawar takes the minutes.






  1. Confirmation of agenda.
  2. Treasurer's report for the financial year 2000.

3. Choice of the accountants for 2001.

4. Report from the CSL 2001 program committee.

5. Location of CSL 2003.

6. Report from the chair of CSL 2002.

7. The future of EACSL.

8. Miscellaneous.



Ad. 1.:

The agenda was confirmed as above.


Ad. 2.:

The treasurer presented the summary of accounts for the financial year 2000. The credit balance at the end of the year stood at DM 12.081,63 as opposed to DM 11.071,76 a year earlier.

The income for the year totalled DM 2.571,98, of which DM 1.111,98 came from individual membership payments and DM 1.460,00 from membership fees collected at CSL 2000.

The total expenses for the year were DM 1.562,11, of which DM 1.460,00 was grant awarded to the organisers of CSL 2000, and DM 102,11 was for bank fees and charges.

The total membership at the end of 2000 stood at 93, as opposed to 171 a year earlier. This fall was attributed to the lack of e-mail reminders sent during the year.

After receiving the report, the membership discharged the board for the year 2000.


Ad. 3.:

The members selected Klaus Barthelmann and Stefan Wöhrle as accountants for the financial year 2001.


Ad. 4.:

Laurent Fribourg, chair of the programme committee for CSL'01 presented a report. The key dates in the organisation of the conference were: Deadline for submission of papers: March 15, 2001 (later extended by a week); notification date May 8, 2001; conference September 10--13, 2001.

There were a total of 91 papers submitted from 26 countries. 39 papers were accepted. Submissions by members of the programme committee were not allowed.

The attendance at the conference was 95. A breakup by country was provided, as follows:

Fr 35, D 15, UK 11, It 7, NL 4, Jap 4, USA 4, Others 15).

In discussion following the report, a variety of views were expressed on the merits of the deadline extension. While some felt that it is better to have a late and firm deadline, it was also pointed out that a sizable number of submissions was received after the original deadline, within the extension. It was generally felt that it would be a good idea if the submission deadline was at least two weeks after the LICS notification date.


Ad. 5.:

Two proposals were presented to the membership for the location of CSL'03.

1. Jos Baeten put forth a proposal to host the meeting in Eindhoven. The meeting would be held sometime during the period June 30 - July 13. It would be co-located with ICALP and ATPN.

A related proposal is to negotiate with EATCS on merging the conference with Track B of ICALP.

2. Georg Moser presented a proposal on behalf of the Kurt Gödel Society to host the meeting in Vienna, in conjunction with the Kurt Gödel Colloquium, which is held every two years. As the dates of this colloquium have not yet been finalised, the meeting could be arranged at any time between August and November.

Many participants expressed the view that a decision on proposal (1) could not be separated from a discussion of the long-term relationship with ICALP and the EATCS. This was to be discussed further (under Ad. 7).

By a vote, the membership expressed a preference for option (2), and advised the board to pursue these plans.


Ad. 6.:

Julian Bradfield, the chair of the programme committee for CSL'02 gave a presentation on preparations for the conference. The conference will be held in Edinburgh at the Old College of the University during September 22--25. Provisionally, the key dates are: submission deadline: March 29; notification date: June 2; final versions due: June 21.


Ad. 7.:

The president, Marc Bezem, noted that discussion in Ad. 5 had shown that while the membership was reluctant to a merger with ICALP for 2003, especially given the dates, there was a positive feeling towards developing a longer term cooperation with EATCS. Some members thought such cooperation would both strengthen CSL, and strengthen the logic track within ICALP.

Jean-Pierre Jouannaud expressed his thoughts on discussions that are going on in the EATCS council on the future of the organisation and the ICALP conference.

In conclusion, Marc Bezem requested a mandate for the board to continue discussion with EATCS on future cooperation, and the membership approved the mandate.



Ad. 8.:

The membership fee for future years was set at 10 Euro.


The president closes the meeting.




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CSL 2001

Liste der Teilnehmer - List of Participants


Anuj Dawar

Marc Bezem

Clemens Lautemann

G. Moser

R. David

S. Ronchi Della Rocca

D. Galmiche

L. Schröder

P. O'Hearn

E. Robinson

K. N. Verma

J.-Y. Marion

J. C. Bradfield

U. Sattler

Jan van den Bussche

S. Martini

C. Schuermann

H. Comon

Yijie Chen

Witold Charatonik

A. Nakagawa

L. Fribourg

E. Grädel

A. Boisseau