Minutes of the Membership- and Business Meeting

of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL)

in Fischbachau, Wednesday, August 23, 2000



The president of the EACSL, Marc Bezem, opens the meeting.

The number of participants is 24, the list of participants is attached.

Jan Johannsen takes the minutes.



1. Confirmation of agenda

2. Report on activities, including the financial report for 1999

3. Choice of the accountants for 2000

4. Report from the CSL 2000 program committee

5. Future locations for CSL, in particular possible cooperations

6. IFCoLog THEN CSL0x = CL200x ELSE ?

7. Proposals by members for further activities

8. Miscellaneous



Ad 1.:

The meeting begins with a confirmation of the agenda.


Ad 2.:

The treasurer, Clemens Lautemann, reports on the financial situation.

At the end of the 1999 financial year, the EACSL account stood at DM 11071,76 plus FL 50,- (compared with DM 7185,64 at the end of the previous financial year.) There were 171 members of the EACSL (compared with 99 one year before).

This increase in membership was achieved by systematically sending e-mail reminder notices to members whose membership had expired.

The accountantsė report for the financial year 1999 was presented.

On the basis of the accounts, the Meeting discharged the board for the 1999 financial year.


Ad 3.:

Klaus Barthelmann and Achim Blumensath were approved as accountants for the year 2000.


Ad 4.:

Helmut Schwichtenberg reports that 69 submissions had been received, of which 28 were accepted, that is 40%.

The START software system, adapted for CSL by Ralph Matthes, proved to be very useful, its use is recomended to future program committees. He thanks Thorsten Altenkirch and Rolf Backofen for editorial work on the Proceedings.

For the first time this year the Proceedings were presented at the conference. This was considered good practice which should be kept.

Schwichtenberg recommends to future program committees not to have any parallel sessions, and to organize tuorials again, as well as maybe affiliated workshops.


Ad 5.:

Laurent Fribourg reports on the plans for CSL 2001, which will take place in Paris, September 10-13, 2001.


For CSL 2002, the following proposals exist:

(a) Linz (Buchberger)

(b) Vienna, in conjunction with TABLEAUX 2002 (Fermüller)

(c) join FLoC 2002 in Copenhagen, maybe in cooperation

with LICS 2002.

After some discussion, proposal (c) was rejected by a large majority. CSL 2002 is to be held as an independent conference,if possible in late September. A location is yet to be found, one suggested possibility (besides (a) and (b) above) is Edinburgh (Bradfield).

Matthias Baaz offers to host CSL 2003 in Vienna, in conjunction with the Kurt Gödel Colloquium. This would rule out the proposals (a) and (b) for CSL 2002 above.


Ad 6.:

The decision on whether to join the umbrella organization IFCoLog is, after some discussion, again postponed.


Ad 7.:

A proposal is made to use part of the money in the EACSL account to establish an award for the best CSL paper, maybe restricted to student authored papers.

Another possibility discussed is to give grants for participants in future CSL conferences. The decision is to be made by the respective program committees.


Ad 8.:

There were no further items.


The president closes the meeting.

(Marc Bezem) (Jan Johannsen)